A script is the spine of a video. It can drive emotion or evoke action. It can create knowledge or deliver instruction. Whatever your message, it all starts with the script.

    We write engaging scripts that are tailored to your audience.


    Storyboarding is an essential part of our production process. It allows you to get a glimpse of how the finished video will look and suggest edits before any animation begins. 


    After choosing from one of our many voiceover artists we'll send the script, along with notes to the selected voiceover talent. Then, within 24 hours the script will be recorded, edited and sent back to us ready to be used in the animation stage.


    This is where everything comes together. We begin animating each scene of your video, sending updates to you after every 30 seconds of animation. This allows you to check that everything is running smoothly. 

    If you see something you're not too happy with, that's fine. Let us know and we can tweak it to your liking.


    Once the project has been signed off we'll send you  the final video in the formats and sizes you require. 

"We walked away with a quality explainer video that we are now proud to market and spread to the world."

Jason S - Asheville Web Design Company

"A perfect video and excellent communication"

Jeremy R - Optegra Financial Software Ltd

"Excellent job, very attentive, highly responsive and great ideas."

Ian S - Baxter International